Rocky Mountain Family Therapies, LLC


Therapeutic Colleagues:

“Corissa Gold embodies the rare combination of a brilliant clinical mind with a nurturing, accepting sensitivity. She builds solid relationships with children and adults alike, with a focus on trust, respect, and curiosity as the foundation. Corissa’s artistic and clinical talents inspire expression, awareness, and creativity, offering the ideal setting for realizing potential in personal transformation”.

Katherine Reed, ATR, LPC – Art Therapist, Manager
Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program
The Children’s Hospital, Aurora, CO

“Corissa Gold is one of the few therapists in Colorado that I recommend to adoptive families. As an adoptee herself, she is so in tune with issues adoptee’s face. They readily trust her, knowing she truly “gets” where they are coming from, and this is remarkably valuable to adopted children seeking therapeutic help. Corissa has also been the coordinator of our Colorado Heritage Camps’ “HeART Talks” program for 4 years and active within the program for 3 years prior. She has been very successful in making this important program fresh and relevant, while maintaining the basic tenets it was founded on – to give our campers, from the ages of 3 to 10, a comfortable and open way, through art projects, to process and talk about their feelings around being adopted, being a minority, and more. Corissa truly makes a difference for adopted children and their families – in her private practice and in the community.”

Pam Sweetser – Director
Colorado Heritage Camps, Denver, CO

“I have had the pleasure to work with Corissa as her colleague for the past few years. I find Corissa to be an open and highly compassionate therapist. She truly cares about her clients and will work hard in fully understanding both their struggles and their strengths. Her mission in this work is to not just be a good therapist, which she certainly is, but to make a difference in the world as well.”

Sue Wallingford, MA, LPC, ATR-BC –

Therapeutic clients:

“Corissa is one of the most gentle and generous people that I have ever known. She listens carefully and patiently, offering direction only when necessary. She used artwork to create vivid images for me which still float through my mind years later!”